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Literature/Poems/The sea was calm behind your house

A Son's Tale

A Son's Tale

It was a crowd of twenty or so
Many not so young and some old
One among the not so young rose
This tale he told

Blame not for what I say
I am worried and this I thought
I should loudly say
For years now it bothers me

My father had father
Him my father dearly loved
Humble gentle a man was he
I was told

To a landlord's family
A tenant farmer was he
Working hard earned but little
With respect he served the masters

Hurt in his heart he hid
To his son he said
Never a tenant farmer be
Get away from here and study

To a distant place my father fled
With someone’s help books he read
To make my story short
After study some fortune he amassed

During that long time
Of his father he did hear
That the master avenging son's departure
Had beaten his father dear

Some revenge my father had in mind
Brought lands next to the masters
Furious was this landed lot
Seeing servant's son their equal

This way some years had fled
A day when we all were gone
He was left alone
In the big house now he owned

Some from the old master's house
Like wolf had entered and pounced
Beating him hard shouting words so foul
Thinking him dead had happily left

Returning home I saw my father dear
Thinking him dead was full of tears
With neighbors' help to hospital went
Found him unconscious but not dead

Doctors did him well treat
His heart did better beat
All the story he did with names repeat
Police and lawyers were upbeat

Here my friends my worries start
My father in fact breathed his last
In court three were sentenced to death
I must say, I had my revenge

Now do not blame when you this hear
Give me your forgiving ear
When my father was still not dead
Here is something that doctor said

It is possible to prolong father’s life a little
But a serious surgery he needs
Risk there is that his memory
He may fully lose

I loved my father and his father too
Wanted him alive with memory or not
But with honesty let me say
A lawyer I did consult

Briefly this is what he said
Your father has told what happened
If he dies or lives to tell his tale
To death or jail those villains will go

If he lives but cannot tell his tale
I asked this lawyer and this he said
Then these villains will free go
A profound problem in me arose
Whole night sleepless I thought
Justice to him, his father, I did want
But to let him go
That I did not want

Tell what you wish or forgive if you can
The risk of loss of his memory
I did not take
Soon peacefully he was gone

Now my secret I have said
Not so old man said and sat
There was silence all around
No word any one uttered.

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Published on: 2009-07-15 (908 reads)

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